DSCSA – Standard Operating Procedure for Product Tracing

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are common documents that outline step-by-step processes to achieve overall results of a longer overall process. Even though it is not a requirement from the DSCSA to have a product tracing SOP, we have noticed that during a few audits, most auditors  are requesting for one. We decided to create a simple Product Tracing SOP for you to build upon. 

Feel free to download it here:


Ready or not? DQSA sharpens drug reliability

The changing environment of the pharma industry demands an agile solution that meets the drug tracking and tracing requirements of the time. Transformation with mobile-edge technology is the call of the day, making drug visibility a priority and a pre-requisite for eliminating the counterfeit. DQSA just got better, no doubt. Call us to know more.

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